Monday, January 28, 2013

Jeffrey Campbell vs DeAndri Olga-Helgas vs. Unif Hellbounds

I am all about the big platform boots! I own way to many pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes to even count... embarrassing much? lol However, I am in the mood of making the B-I-G leap over to the oversized platform category with my new found love for the Hellbounds by Unif, and the Olga and Helga by up and coming shoe designer Deandri. Litas by JC are the safe route to start but to get an even more unique, yet comfy you've got to step your inches (erm heel wise) up. Here are a few examples of the how to wear guide as well as prices and different levels you can go lol lets start off low and easy then get to the higher shoes...
Jeffrey Campbell Lita / Urban Outfitters / Solestruck
Olga and Helga by DeAndri / DeAndri / Nasty Gal

Unif HellBounds / Solestruck 

Now that you've seen the different platform boots, which do you prefer? Personally, i want them ALL!!!