Friday, February 1, 2013

Advice Post

HI Fashion Blogger:

Do you have any tips for women who like the effect that wearing heels gives them (i.e., height, sex appeal) but find it uncomfortable to wear them?

T.Denise :) 


Hey T.Denise,

Thanks for asking a question! I would suggest wearing wedges, heels with a platform, or the type with a thick back heel. They both have flat bottoms, so your foot is actually elevated but still has the comfort and stability of a flat shoe. Also, i find Dr.Scholls clear inserts very helpful for those "oh-so-cute-but-hurt-like-hell" heels. lol Here are a few example of cute but comfy fashion forward heels. Whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR KITTEN HEELS (3 inches) they are fashion suicide! Hope this helps. lol 

Jeffrey Campbell
Jeffrey Campbell

Bebe Sling Backs w platform bottom. I have these. Most comfy heel ever!
Jeffrey Campbell. 

                         Garcelle Cutout Wedge - Gray

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